Culture Shock: The 2014 FIFA World Cup as Experienced by an American Expat in Germany

15 Jul

Ein US-Amerikaner, der seine ersten vier Spiele der deutschen Nationalmannschaft gesehen hat. Meine Güte – er wird in seinem weiteren Leben sehr viele Enttäuschungen hinnehmen müssen. Aber dieser Bericht hat 11Freude-Niveau 😉 Kleiner Auszug: „I thought, “Oh, maybe Germany can deal with these psychos.” And then, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, …“

Oh God, My Wife Is German.

FIFA-World-Cup-2014-stadium-fans-arena-crowd-5 Photo by Alexandre Breveglieri — Subject to copyright —

Until this year, I had never, in all my life, watched a World Cup soccer match. Oh, I caught a few Bundesliga games last year, but they did little more than inform me the Bavarian team (FC Bayern München) is much like the Los Angeles Lakers; they have all the money — and therefore all the star players — and regularly put their foot so far up everyone’s ass they can taste the shoe laces. It comes as no surprise, therefore, the German national team is comprised largely of Bavarian players (though a few come from other German states or different countries entirely). What did come as a surprise — at least to me, an American with absolutely no interest in soccer or sports in general — was just how incredibly good they would be.


Holy flying…

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